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  • What kind of cedar trees should I purchase?

    The type of cedar trees you should get will depends on a number of factors. Linear coverage of the area to be hedged is a big consideration. If you live on acreage and have several hundred feet to hedge you may consider planting an Excelsa Cedar (Thuja Plicata) as it is very wide and fast growing and much more cost economical as they don’t have to be spaced as close as other kinds.

    You must also consider how wide the cedars will eventually grow in relation to your yard. Most customers of ours in the past have purchased the Emerald Cedar (Emerald Green Arborvitae) given the tight/narrow growing characteristics which is ideal for most backyards and along fences. They are very easy to maintain needing a trim only once per year.

    There may be other factors unique to your specific landscaping job best seen only in person by one of our sales associates. If this is the case please call or email us to set up a time to talk in person or over the phone to better guide you in terms of what type of cedar tree to buy.

  • What size cedar tree do I need to get an instant privacy hedge?

    Unless you are purchasing a very large cedar tree (10’+) it will be difficult to attain a ‘true’ instant privacy hedge from the start (assuming proper installation spacing). Most cedar hedges will require time in order to fully grow (fill in at the top) and down the sides) and be groomed into a privacy wall no matter what size it is to start.

    With that said, many newly planted cedars will form a complete privacy hedge within a few short years if properly cared and maintained for.


  • I’m in Bellingham, WA, can I purchase a cedar tree from you?

    Yes! We have many customers in Bellingham, WA, Seattle, WA and other cities in Washington and Oregon. Bringing your trees across the US border isn’t as much of a hassle as it may seem, our customers do it all the time. 


  • When you specify height do you include the rootball in that figure like many department stores do?

    No. We never quote a tree size with the rootball. All sizes we advertise are from the base of the stalk of the cedar tree to the top. In otherwords, if you purchase a 6’ cedar tree from us it will be 6’ high once installed in the ground.

  • How high will our cedar hedge get?

    A cedar tree will grow for as long as they have available rootspace or until they are topped at a certain height. Cedar trees are known to reach heights of 20’ when left to grow. However, most homes/businesses will keep them trimmed and maintained at a lower height to keep a clean look to them.

    It is important to know that if cedar trees will be planted in very small planter boxes/vases or any area with substantially less soil space, they will not grow to their true size potential. Please keep this in mind when deciding where to plant your cedar trees.

  • How much will my cedar trees grow each year?

    In general, cedar hedge trees will grow at about one vertical foot per year and 4-6” in width once the roots have re-established themselves. The first year is always the slowest for growth as your cedar trees will go through what is termed ‘transplant shock’ (field grown cedars only). They take about 6 months to recover and respond to a new growing environment.

    However, if you are purchasing a container-grown cedar there is little to no shock when transplanting them as the roots aren’t “cut” out of the ground.

  • How many years does it take for newly planted cedar hedge trees to create a complete privacy hedge?

    Naturally, larger more closely planted cedar trees will form a privacy hedge much quicker than smaller, scarcely placed cedars. The number of years to ‘fill in’ is dependent on the above as well as the maintenance program you adopt for the cedar trees. Annual top-trimming and fertilization as well as adequate watering through dry months will encourage maximum growth which will lead to a faster privacy hedge.

  • What time of year is best to plant a cedar hedge?

    The best time of year to plant cedar trees is generally cooler months (September to May). In general, digging during this time will usually inflict the least amount of shock to the cedar trees creating a higher success rate. When the soil is moist, trees come out of the ground with tight, compact rootballs necessary for transport.

    However, summer plantings can be successful too if the cedar trees are dug under the right conditions (well watered soils, oversized rootballs etc) and they are watered real well afterwards when planted.

    The ultimate success of planting a cedar hedge rests with correctly digging them and correctly caring for them afterwards… no matter what time of year it is.

  • If I plant cedar trees myself how will I know if I am doing it right?

    An improperly planted cedar hedge could lead to pre-mature death and/or discoloring. It is critical that it be done right from the start. We do provide general advice on how to plant your cedars properly so that the cedar trees take root and grow well. We also provide installation services which help ensure against premature death so we essentially take the risk out of the buying decision for you.

  • What forms of payment at the cedar tree farm do you take?

    We currently accept credit, cash, cheque, and money orders. Please call us to discuss if an unusually large order requires an extension of credit.

  • What is the turnaround time between placing an order and when they are ready for pickup/delivery?

    Order times depend on the size of the order as well as the time of year and how busy we are. Typically, upon receiving an order it takes 1-2 days to dig and deliver (local areas only). We can handle about 500 – 600 trees per day during peak times. Delivery outside the lower mainland could take 3 days to one week.

  • Does your cedar tree farm deliver outside the Lower Mainland?

    Yes, we service as far north as Whistler, east up to Hope, and south to Bellingham.


If you have a specific question that is not answered here please Call us at 604.217.2886 or email us now.