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At Fraser Valley Cedars, we invite you to compare us to other retail/nursery centers because we’re confident that our products and services are far superior to that of our competitors. Whether it’s the top-to-bottom fullness our cedar trees provide, the desire to get fresh, hand dug-to-order cedars or the convenience of leaving the delivery to us, Fraser Valley Cedars is simply a better place to get the quality cedars you want.

Fraser Valley Cedars cedar tree products are far superior to those of competitors like Walmart/Home Depot for many reasons. Learn more about the differences in the chart below.

Department stores market a 5 foot cedar in a container as a 6-7 foot. This is misleading as a ‘true’ 5 foot cedar tree stands a FULL 5 feet tall when planted. The size should never include the few strands at the top of the tree nor should it include the rootball.


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