Fraser Valley Cedars’ cedar trees are specifically nurtured and grown to provide a natural looking and environmentally stimulating privacy/physical/sound barrier.

Your new cedar trees will be vibrant and healthy looking and are virtually free of any infectious disease or invasive insects. Further, they will be extremely hearty and will hold up to some of the toughest conditions (weather-wise etc).

All of these attributes make our cedar trees the ideal solution when faced with privacy/sound barrier challenges at your home or business.


Our cedar trees are assured to be of the freshest and highest quality cedars you can get anywhere.

Here is how we back that statement up:


We dig all of our cedar trees fresh to order. When you call us your cedars are still in the ground. None of the cedars we offer you will ever be stale. And all cedars are carefully hand dug and loaded.


All cedars are dug with a large, life-sustaining rootball. This ensures the tree will not die or stress due to transplant shock. Excess transplant shock is the number one reason why any cedar will die within the first 6-months after transplanting.


At Fraser Valley Cedars we aren’t hobby farmers. We’re not in this to gain our land farm status. That said we make great efforts to produce nothing but the finest cedars trees using the following methods:

  Fertilizing – All cedar trees are subject to an annual fertilization program whereby each cedar tree is fertilized once in early spring using a slow release formula
  Watering – Cedars trees are watered regularly throughout the dry months to ensure they are never subject to any stress associated with dry soil
  Spraying – Fields are regularly sprayed throughout the growing season to eliminate weeds that would otherwise steal nutrients out of the soil and/or shield cedars from sunlight needed to develop properly
  Top trimming – Top-trimming them at least once after planting in the field maximizes the width of each cedar tree. This ensures your cedar tree will be as wide as possible once they are planted providing great coverage

fraser valley cedars our trees



All premium grade cedar trees are:

  free of ‘stress beads’
  rich and naturally dark green in color
 bushy top to bottom
  ‘full’ to the base of the tree

We at Fraser Valley Cedars would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our cedar trees. If you would like a quote over the phone or in person (at no cost) please get in touch with us today.
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