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Fraser Valley Cedars Ltd began in 2009 by installing close to 6000 Emerald Cedar Trees (emerald green arborvitae) at a field in Abbotsford where the company is based. The company has planted additional fields every year since and has grown to have fields in both Chilliwack and Mission BC. Fraser Valley Cedars now has an inventory of over 50,000 Cedar trees of various varieties. The company does both wholesale and retail sales to a wide variety of customers including homeowners, builders/contractors, schools, government agencies, retail nurseries, landscapers, businesses, etc.

Initially Fraser Valley Cedars was a broker between growers and landscapers/homeowners/nursery centers. The company called into question the quality of a lot of cedar trees that were available from different suppliers and decided to get into wholesale growing to better manage the quality of trees (fullness, color, texture etc.) through proper pruning, watering and fertilization programs.

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Strategic Vision & Business Purpose

Strategic Vision: To be BC’s number one choice for cedar hedging products.

Business Purpose: We offer our clients the information they need to make an informed decision regarding the right type of cedar hedging that will produce the desired effect for their yard.

Rather than become a grower of a broad base of plants and shrubs, Fraser Valley Cedars decided to specialize in cedar trees so that it could better manage quality, keep costs down (and the price paid by customers) and offer better, more in-depth knowledge of its product offering. All cedar trees the company grows and supplies are premium Grade ‘A’ certified and provide for some of the best, most beautiful privacy cedar hedges one can get.

Fraser Valley Cedars provides complimentary quotes over the phone or in person. To get in touch with a sales representative please call 604.217.2886 or fill out our contact form with your inquiry.

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