Looking to add some hedging to your property? Virtually disease and pest resistant, cedars are phenomenal choices that provide year-round colour and beauty to any yard. These popular evergreens are long-term investments that will become a valuable landscape feature as they grow. But if you are not sure which type to choose or if the plant names mean nothing to you, we are here to help you choose the best type of cedar for a hedge.

Why the Excelsa Cedar is the Best Choice for your Hedges

One of the top selling species for fantastic hedges is the Excelsa cedar, also known as Thuja Plicata. From the western red cedar family, this popular conifer is visually striking and has a myriad of uses in a garden, making it one of the top choices for an evergreen hedge. Here are just some of the big benefits the Excelsa cedar will bring to your landscape.

Tall and wide growing. The Excelsa cedar is a tall and wide growing conifer. It can reach heights of over 30 feet and can grow as wide as 10-15 feet.

Fast growth rate. The Excelsa cedar has a quick growth rate of 2-3 feet per year, even maintaining a steady pyramid shape.

Vibrant colours. With rich, dark, and vibrant green foliage, Excelsa hedges keep their form and colour throughout the year.

Sturdy. This sturdy hedging makes a great windbreaker and is ideal for reducing noise pollution. The Excelsa cedar also provides a secure privacy screen.

Easy to maintain. The Excelsa cedar is a low-maintenance evergreen. These hedges only need a light pruning twice a year, once in spring and once in autumn.

Suited to most soil types. This cedar hedging will not only grow in almost any type of soil, but also easily thrive in sunny or partially shaded areas.

Resilient. Unlike other evergreens, you can cut back into the old wood and it will still re-shoot.

When it comes to choosing the best cedar options for your hedges, you can have your hands full sorting through the host of options. With so many varieties available, how are you supposed to know which one will be the right fit for your landscape? The benefits of the Excelsa cedar are almost as endless as the privacy, fencing, and curb appeal possibilities you could soon be enjoying.

If you are already sold on using the Excelsa cedar for your hedges, smart choice! Whatever home-hedge project you have in mind, the advantages of using this spectacular conifer are far too many to ignore.

Are you searching for a hardy hedge that will bring beauty and function to your property? For exceptional Excelsa cedars, reach out to Fraser Valley Cedars today!