20 Aug 2021
Tall cedar hedges growing thicker

How to Help Cedar Hedges Grow Thicker

Who doesn’t want a yard teaming with lush, thick cedar hedges? If you own these carefree conifers, you know how easy they are to maintain. But even the hardiest hedge needs a little help to bring out the bounty every now and then. Whether your cedar hedge is looking a little worn down or you would like to thicken your existing healthy plants, here are some handy tips on how to make your cedars fuller.

Trim Cedar Hedges to Encourage Growth

If you want your cedar hedge to grow full and even, be sure to trim it at the right time of year. By trimming new growth at the top of the plant in the spring, the growth hormones will be directed into existing areas, increasing the thickness in the summer.

To promote root growth, you can trim your hedges in the late fall or early winter. As temperatures rise, your shrubs will begin to grow leaves and buds. When this happens, you will want to trim your hedges to control the growth direction.

Whenever trimming hedges, it is important to ensure that the base of the plant is wider than the top. By doing so, the new growth won’t shade the lower part of the plant from the sun, helping to prevent hedges from thinning at the bottom.

Prune Your Cedars to Help Them Grow

Pruning will help you control the growth of your hedge. Overgrown branches should be trimmed back to maintain the beauty of your hedges. Otherwise, cedars can become unbalanced, leaving your hedges looking shabby and unruly.

You can use secateurs to target specific areas that need attention while leaving the rest of the shrub to grow naturally.

Pruning back leaves and branches will promote new growth in various directions, resulting in thicker and healthier plants.

Feed Your Cedars for Thicker Growth

Adding a balanced nutritional fertilizer to your hedge will encourage growth. Apply the fertilizer under the base of the hedge and spread it into the soil. Also, be sure to keep the cedars properly hydrated.

By mulching the ground around your hedges, you can also conserve moisture and prevent weed growth underneath.

Fill In the Gaps of Your Cedar Hedges

In some cases, your hedges may have holes that require more than just encouraging growth to fill in the sparse spaces. Depending on the damage, you may need to replace the plants. Be careful not to harm the neighbouring hedge when removing the shrubs.

Place the plant in a well-watered and fertilized hole and let it grow for a few years. In this way, the roots will grow strong, allowing the plant to fill in the gap.

Looking to create vibrant and hardy hedging for your property? Following the above advice will help your hedge to grow bushier, fuller, and thicker.

If you are having trouble turning your sparse plants into thick cedars, reach out to the pros at Fraser Valley Cedars.

21 Jun 2021
Cedar hedges in backyard

Maintain A Healthy Cedar Hedge Around Your House

Stunning, vibrant, lush, and undemanding, a cedar hedge is an ideal choice for anyone who loves trouble-free garden maintenance.  These striking conifers offer up all the curb appeal, natural beauty, and privacy you could ask for without having to spend all your free time on upkeep. To enjoy your cedars for generations to come, here are some tips to keep in mind for proper cedar hedge care.

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21 Jun 2021
Excelsa cedar

What Is the Best Type of Cedar for a Hedge?

Looking to add some hedging to your property? Virtually disease and pest resistant, cedars are phenomenal choices that provide year-round colour and beauty to any yard. These popular evergreens are long-term investments that will become a valuable landscape feature as they grow. But if you are not sure which type to choose or if the plant names mean nothing to you, we are here to help you choose the best type of cedar for a hedge.

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11 May 2021
Cedar Trees hedge Landscape

Cedar Trees for Hedges – Supernatural Landscapes

Wondering how to create a stunning natural landscape? Whether your yard just needs a few new plantings or a complete hedge overhaul, it can be a challenge choosing the right variety for your property. Before you make your final choice, remember, as pretty as you want your landscape to look, it also needs to be functional.

Read on to learn why cedar trees for hedges make supernatural landscapes.

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11 Apr 2021
Dying Cedar hedge maze in a public garden

Dying Cedar Hedges – What is the Cause?

Beautiful, low maintenance, and versatile, cedar hedges are favourites throughout the Lower Mainland. But as resilient as these popular evergreens are, they can die prematurely. Is it something you did or didn’t do? Could it be the environment? To keep your cedar hedges healthy and vibrant for generations to come, here are some fatal foliage factors to watch out for.

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13 Nov 2020
hedge trimming Langley

Why Trimming Your Cedar Trees in Langley Is a Big Deal?

Like you, folks in Langley simply love their landscape. Be it pulling weeds, mowing the lawn, or tending to the garden, they do everything under the sun (and rain) to keep their outdoor oasis looking its best. With all those backyard duties on the go, are you neglecting your cedars?

To keep your trees healthy, happy, and beautiful, the experts at Fraser Valley Cedars have rounded up some important reasons for routine tree trimming.

Read on to learn all the great advantages of trimming your cedar trees in Langley.

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24 Aug 2020
FVC fraser valley cedar brandon 01

Why Are My Brandon Cedars Turning Brown?

Brandon Cedars make amazing vertical accents, breathtaking hedges, and stunning privacy screens in any landscape. With its soft and dense green foliage year-round, it is easy to see what sets these evergreens apart from other foliage options. But sometimes browning can happen.

Are your Brandon cedars turning brown? Our cedar pros share why some of your evergreens aren’t living up to their name.

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31 Jul 2020
Trim Cedar Hedges Fraser Valley Cedars

How to Trim Cedar Hedges

Whether your hedges are outrageously overrun or in need of a little sprucing up, Fraser Valley Cedars has you covered. Routine maintenance is vital for healthy and beautiful hedges. But for all the newbies out there, understanding how to properly trim cedar hedges might be a little confusing. Let’s take a closer look at the best ways to prune your cedars like a pro.

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