13 May 2019
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Why Do-It-Yourselfers and Professional Landscapers Buy Cedar Trees In BC

Cedar has been a staple for both do-it-yourselfers and landscapers alike for a long time, for a long list of reasons. Whether you want to create a natural privacy screen or a barrier from winds and blowing snow, cedar trees offer functionality and beauty to any property. Looking to create a stunning backyard retreat? Here are some of the top reasons to buy cedar trees in BC.

Make the ultimate specimen tree

Perfect for creating a fantastic focal point in your backyard or garden, cedars make great specimen trees. Broad, lush, and green all year long, cedar trees are more than worthy to take centre stage.

Whether you plan on planting them in the back of your garden or in the middle of your lawn, our cedar trees make stunning stand-alone additions to your landscape. When you want eye-catching specimen trees in BC, turn to Fraser Valley Cedars.

Grow in all types of soil

Worried that trees won’t grow in the type of soil on your property? Cedars flourish in soils where other plants fail.

If you have always wanted lush, thriving trees in your backyard but never thought that could be possible, Fraser Valley Cedars can turn your tree-owning vision into a reality. With our wide selection of hearty emerald green arborvitaes, you can rest easy knowing that they will grow in just about any soil they are planted in.

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Provide low maintenance landscaping

You lead a busy life. For many people, simply finding the time to squeeze in landscaping duties can be a challenge. Not so with cedars.

Because cedar trees keep their thick, dense foliage year-round, you won’t have to worry about constant raking that comes with so many other tree options. When you buy cedar trees in BC, you’re committing to pruning only once per year.

Add a living Christmas tree to your property

There is nothing quite like a Christmas tree to ring in the festive season. With a cedar tree in your backyard, you will have a living, breathing Christmas tree you can decorate with lights and ornaments that the whole neighbourhood can enjoy.   

Cedars grow in that iconic pyramid shape, making them the perfect outdoor Christmas trees—gifts that keep on giving during the holidays and beyond.

Fraser Valley Cedars

If you are planning a landscaping project, don’t forget to include cedar trees into your designs. Whether you are looking for Emerald, Pyramidalis, or Excelsa cedars, Fraser Valley Cedars has a huge selection of trees to meet your garden or backyard planting needs.

Call us at 604-217-2886 or send us a message at [email protected] to buy cedar trees in BC.


23 Apr 2019

What is Landscape Fabric?

best landscaping fabric for weeds

We all want a beautiful landscape. But with so many garden and backyard improvement products out there, it can be a struggle finding the right one.

At Fraser Valley Cedars, we know how important your yard is to you. That is why we offer landscape fabric to help make all your outdoor home improvement duties easier and worry-free. What is landscape fabric, you ask? Read on to learn how this multi-purpose, miracle-working material could wind up being your backyard’s best friend.

Weed Control

Looking to win the war on weeds? Landscape fabric is a safe, cost-effective solution to a weed-free yard. Made of a non-woven, porous polypropylene material. Landscaping fabric acts as a barrier, stopping weed seeds from getting into your soil and germinating.

Whether it is for your flower beds, patios, or pathways, Fraser Valley Cedars has a wide selection of landscaping materials that are tough, durable, and simply to install. And with our fabric’s pre-marked grid, precise cutting is a breeze.


Lop-sided gravel levels got you grumbling? Over time, the gravel on your pathways and driveways can get compressed into the soil, causing it to become uneven, requiring you to add more.

With our landscape fabric, you will never have to worry about uneven pavers, decking, and gravel paths again. To keep the ground level, simply place the fabric under the stones. You will not only help prevent your pathways and walkways from sinking, but also protect your pavers from frost heave.  

Water retention

You know how dry and hot the summers get on the West Coast. If you don’t stay on top of the watering duties, moisture loss can wreak havoc on your plants and gardens, drying them out before you even get a chance to enjoy all your vibrant vegetation.

At Fraser Valley Cedars, we have the moisture-saving landscape fabric to keep your garden lush and beautiful all summer long. Our fabric allows water into the soil while preventing moisture from evaporating. And because landscape fabric is porous, you won’t ever have to worry about pooling when the rainy season arrives.

You put a lot of TLC into your landscape. Don’t let weeds, sinking patios, and the dry weather ruin all your hard work. With our  fabric, landscaping projects have never been easier or more affordable.

Call 604-217-2886 to buy landscape fabric for your next project.

10 Apr 2019

Where Can I Buy Cedar Trees?

Aesthetically pleasing, easy to maintain, and sound absorbing—cedar trees make the perfect additions to any home. But the benefits of these majestic, lush wonders don’t end there. There are a host of other reasons to plant cedars on your property. If you are asking yourself, “Where can I buy cedar trees?” right about now, we don’t blame you. Here are just some of the great advantages that cedar trees bring to your life and your landscape.

01 Apr 2019

Where Can I Find Cedar Trees for Sale?

Are you looking to add value, privacy, security, and curb appeal to your home? Cedars make thick and attractive hedging, perfect for year-round beauty and functionality. Even though these versatile trees are low maintenance, you will want to give them some TLC from time to time. When you are asking yourself, “Where can I find cedar trees for sale?”, here are some handy tips on how to care for them.

01 Apr 2019

How Far Back Can You Trim A Cedar Hedge?

Trimming your cedar hedges is a must to keep them healthy and looking great. But knowing how to properly prune your cedars can be tricky. When cutting back your hedges is in the cards, less is more. If you cut too deep into the branches, the foliage won’t grow back, potentially putting the health of the entire hedge at risk. If you are asking yourself, “How far back can you trim a cedar hedge?”, here are some handy tips on how to do it right.

11 Mar 2019
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Can I Buy Landscape Fabric Near Me?

Spring is right around the corner. And like many people this time of year, you’ve probably got gardening on the mind. But the mere thought of all that weed pulling is already putting a damper on your planting projects. If weeds have got you typing, “Can I buy landscape fabric near me?” in your search engine, we don’t blame you. Today’s homeowners are always looking for safe and affordable options to keep their gardens neat, healthy, and beautiful all season long.

16 Jan 2019
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The Many Uses of Landscaping Fabric

    Searching for an effective and affordable solution to a beautiful landscape? Homeowners everywhere are turning to landscaping fabric for a whole host of gardening jobs, from weed prevention to separation and stabilization tasks. If you haven’t already added this multipurpose weed barrier tool to your landscaping arsenal, what are you waiting for? To […]

15 Dec 2018
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Tips on How to Install Landscape Fabric

    When it comes to keeping garden and flower beds looking their best, homeowners all over Kelowna simply love landscaping hacks. Awesome for boosting filtration, retaining moisture, and stabilising decking and gravel paths, landscape fabric is also a must havefor any landscaper looking to win the war on weeds.   If you’re sick and tired of […]

13 Nov 2018
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How Cedar Trees in Seattle Are Vital to the Environment

Thinking about planting some cedar trees around your home? Get ready for years of beauty and improved feelings of relaxation and well-being. But there are a lot more to trees than just the added aesthetic appeal and extra shade they bring to your property.  Trees offer up a host of environmental benefits that might surprise you. In case you needed any more reasons to plant cedar trees in Seattle, here are the top ways they benefit the environment.