Spring is right around the corner. And like many people this time of year, you’ve probably got gardening on the mind. But the mere thought of all that weed pulling is already putting a damper on your planting projects. If weeds have got you typing, “Can I buy landscape fabric near me?” in your search engine, we don’t blame you. Today’s homeowners are always looking for safe and affordable options to keep their gardens neat, healthy, and beautiful all season long.

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Why choose landscape fabric for weed control?

Landscaping fabric is a highly effective way to keep weeds at bay. Acting as a barrier, landscape fabric prevents weed seeds from mixing with the soil and germinating. Without weeds robbing precious nutrients from your garden, your plants will grow stronger and more beautiful.

What are the choices of landscape fabric?

Not all fabric is created equal. Weed barriers like plastic sheets or non-woven coverings that can’t “breathe” can suffocate your plants, cutting off water and nutrients, and that can stunt garden growth.

Landscaping fabric, on the other hand, is made of non-woven, porous polypropylene fabric, allowing air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the soil while keeping weeds away. So, always use a commercial grade landscape fabric for weed control in your garden and flower beds.

Landscaping fabric is easy to cut, shape, and install. This amazing weed barrier is not only tear and puncture-proof, but also impervious to rot and decay.

Landscape fabric is available in a wide range of colours, including green, white, black, brown, mottled, yellow, and more. You can usually purchase landscape fabric by the linear foot or in precut lengths.

Even though landscape fabric is treated for UV protection, sunlight can compromise the integrity of the barrier over time. So, to protect your fabric from the damaging rays of the sun, apply ample ground cover and refill the area as needed.

Looking to reduce the number of weeds cropping up in your garden this spring? Landscape fabric is the tried and true champion, helping you win the war on weeds without using harmful chemicals.

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