Cedars are favourite evergreen choices for people all over Langley. These dramatic, graceful hedges make ideal privacy fences, creating stunning backdrops to any landscape. For better boundaries and next-door neighbour relationships, our cedar hedges Langley pros thought it would be interesting to share how to properly place your hedges. Enjoy!

Know your boundaries

When it comes to any fence installation, appropriate placement is a must. A sure-fire way to getting on your neighbour’s bad side is to start digging and planting on their side of the property. So, before you begin installing your cedar hedges, go over your landscape’s survey plan. You will not only avoid heated tempers, but also save yourself time and effort on reinstallation.

Plan for growth

Not all fences are created equal. With traditional barriers going directly on the property line, both you and your neighbours will typically split the maintenance duties. Not so with cedar hedges.

Cedars grow. Over time, plant growth will extend onto the adjacent property, causing friction and disputes with your neighbours. When you are planning your cedar hedge project, make sure your hedges are completely on your property and plan for future growth.

Trim to win

If you have chosen a cedar hedge over a fence, get ready to enjoy the “green” and bask in improved privacy and lower noise and air pollution. But the backyard benefits don’t end there.

As with any fencing option, upkeep is just a part of ownership. But if you want to avoid back-breaking maintenance, cedar hedges in Langley are for you. Annual trimming is all you need to keep your hedges looking great and under control. Because these lush and lovely plants don’t rust or denigrate, you’ll never have to worry about wear and tear, costly repair, and lengthy replacement problems that come with many of the other traditional fences.

Find the top cedar hedges Langley professionals.

Folks in Langley love their landscapes. If you want to make your property pop, cedar hedges are the natural, long lasting, and easy-to-maintain option. But, first, you will need to find the best cedar hedge provider.

The benefits of cedar hedges are almost as endless as the days you will spend enjoying your backyard. Are you considering cedar hedge fences, but not sure where to start? Tracking down the right cedar provider can be tough. With so many options out there, you want to be sure you choose a company that you can count on for quality hedges. That’s where Fraser Valley Cedars come in.

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