Unfortunately, there is a chance that your cedars may attract mice and other rodents, not unlike any other plants you have in your garden.

Rodents like to look for dry, covered places, things to chew and also things to eat, so your garden and trees can be attractive options for rodents to set up camp. If you haven’t seen the little fuzzy critters in person, a good thing to do would be to check your trees. If your trees have signs of chewing on them, then you might be in trouble. You’ll find the most chewing at the bottom of the tree near the base, but bark can be stripped off higher uptake in the branches as well. This can be a problem for your cedars as it can cause your branches to die and in worst case scenarios may kill your tree entirely. If you suspect you may have a rodent problem check your garden. Keep your outside spaces clean and don’t hang or scatter bird feed in or near your trees. Take the necessary steps to get rid of your problem, without damaging your trees or garden further.