Nothing boosts a property’s curb appeal like lush and lovely cedars. But if they are not properly cared for, those aesthetically pleasing trees can turn into an eyesore real fast. Are your cedar trees in Seattle getting the TLC they deserve?

Trimming and pruning are two of the most important things you can do to preserve the beauty and the health of your trees. Proper maintenance will not only help your cedars grow strong, but also keeps them looking their absolute best all year-round.
While many folks think tree trimming and pruning fall under the same heading, you might be surprised to learn they are not the same thing. Read on to learn the difference between the two techniques.


Cedar Trees in Seattle and What is tree trimming?

Tree trimming is all about the aesthetics. To help maintain your trees’ shape and beauty, you’ll need to thin out overgrown branches. Otherwise, cedars can grow wild, leaving your trees looking unbalanced and unruly. Left unchecked, excess branch growth can interfere with your neighbour’s yard, or grow too close to power lines, posing a threat to you and your property.

Excessive growth can also have an impact on the overall health of your cedar trees in Seattle. Overgrown branches can reduce the amount of moisture and light your cedars receive, leading to browning and sometimes even death.

The optimal time of year for trimming your cedars is between late winter and early spring when the trees are dormant. Trimming your trees before summer is less stressful for your cedars and will help them recover for the growing season.


Cedar Trees in Seattle and What is tree pruning?

Unlike trimming, tree pruning is done primarily for the overall well-being and structure of your cedar trees in Seattle.
Pruning is a major part of maintaining the health of your tress. This delicate and strategic process will not only help protect your cedars from pests and diseases, but also stimulates strong growth.

Tree pruning involves removing dead, unhealthy, or damaged branches, promoting proper air-flow and prolonging the life of your cedars. Tree pruning should typically be done during the growing season, from late in the summer until early fall.

Are your stunning cedar trees in Seattle in need of some sprucing up? Whether you tackle this project head-on or hire a professional arborist, trimming and pruning your cedars will help keep them healthy and beautiful all year long.

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