So, you bought some beautiful cedar trees and now you can’t wait to get home and start enjoying all the many benefits—shade, privacy, and increased property values. The only problem is that you are not sure how to plant them. Well, fortunately, you’ve come to the right place. When it comes to everything cedar, we’ve got you covered.
Cedar planting is not difficult as long as you remember to follow these handy steps.

cedar trees for privacy

Plan ahead

Before you start digging holes all over your yard, you’ll want to plan ahead. Remember, trees should enhance the look of your property, not overpower it. Be mindful of how many you’ll need and where you want to plant them. You don’t want your trees blocking windows or growing too close to your neighbour’s land, not to mention power lines. A little planning now can save you some huge hassles and headaches later.

Picking the right time to plant

Some seasons are better than others when it comes time to plant your cedar trees. As long as the ground has completely thawed, early spring is a great time for cedar planting. You can also wait for the autumn months to plant your cedars—just make sure to skip the summer. Heat waves and watering restrictions can spell certain disaster for young trees.

Dig a trench

Now that you know where and when to plant your cedars, it’s time to get to digging. Before you begin, make sure to choose a location that provides 6-8 hours of sunlight a day. Too much shade will prevent proper growth. Once you’ve found the best site for your cedar planting project, dig a trench about 80 centimetres wide by 40 centimetres deep.

Amend the soil

If you’ve got quality soft soil, go ahead and plant your cedars without worrying about adding anything. Dry or sandy soil, on the other hand, will need to be replaced with some good topsoil. Add bone meal or mycorrhizal to each hole and work it into the soil. This will help augment the cedar planting area, so your tress will properly take root and grow.

Plant your cedars

Plant your tree in the trench, ensuring that they are evenly spaced (approximately 61 centimetres or two feet across). Place the tree in the hole and shovel the soil back in until it is half filled. While holding the tree up straight, pack the soil down firmly around the roots. Continue adding more soil until the hole is filled. Finally, water your cedars immediately after you’ve planted them, ensuring to saturate the roots. Keep the soil moist for the next four weeks as the roots take hold.

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For extra guidance on cedar planting, contact Fraser Valley Cedars.

We will gladly share our know-how on how to plant your cedars properly. And if planting trees is just not your thing, we also provide a full-installation service, making owning your very own cedar trees easier than ever.