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Grand cedar hedges & creative cedar hedging ideas…

Be inspired with creative uses of cedar trees and cedar hedges!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to cedar hedges. You can form naturally beautiful landscapes, impressive home improvements, add real estate property borders, increase commercial property security, safety hedge bollarding, or use hedging ideas for effective noise barrier reduction.  Get creative with your landscaping ideas to improve curb side appeal and impress the guests that visit your property.

Your cedar evergreens will out last all the possibilities you can think of!  Check out a few of the ideas that are working well for past clients.  Be creative and let your landscaping provide the privacy or impression that you want. Living fences and walls naturally purify the air quality around your house and neighbourhood.


• Creative landscaping • Privacy control • Security fencing



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Cedar Hedges create privacy

  • increase real estate value
  • block unsightly views
  • neighbourly fencing
  • sound buffering
  • create a windbreaker
  • stray animal reduction
  • create refreshing spaces
  • child-proof enclosures

Secure boundaries

  • create neighbour-friendly borders
  • block traffic views
  • security and safety-proof zoning
  • burglar-proof your land
  • stabilize, reduce soil erosion
  • low-maintenance longevity
  • cost-saving improvements
  • ecological sustainability

Creative enhancements

  • clean air, healthy living
  • outdoor living spaces
  • entertaining areas
  • 'self-maintenance' gardening
  • all-weather, year-round hardy
  • no leaf cleanup or fence painting
  • legacy & heritage value
  • landscape sculpting & layering
  • learn how to trim cedar hedges

Cedar hedging fences & screens

... where form and function flow naturally.