We all enjoy our privacy. But if you are having a tough time keeping looky-loos, neighbours, and passersbys from peering on to your property, we’ve got you covered. Looking to up the privacy factor?  Here are just some of the reasons why folks in BC are choosing cedar hedges for their fencing needs. 

Low-maintenance options

There are a lot of outdoor privacy options out there in BC. Unfortunately, many fencing choices come with a lot of repair and replacement issues. If you’d rather spend your free time doing things other than fence upkeep, cedar hedges are the green, durable choice.  

With our easy-to-care for cedar hedges, maintaining a backyard retreat has never been easier. Because cedar hedges keep their dense foliage year-round, you can enjoy a natural neighbour barrier, without having to worry about costly and timely upkeep.


Other great benefits  

Cedar hedges offer up some great benefits that go far beyond boosting your privacy. For starters, cedars lower noise and air pollution. They also provide security around your property. 

We are not called Fraser Valley Cedars for nothing. With over 50,000 cedars, we are sure to have the ideal solution for any outdoor privacy project you are planning.


How to create a privacy fence

You don’t have to be a gardening guru to plant hedges. With our lush, long-lasting cedar hedges, creating your very own privacy paradise is a breeze in BC. Here’s how. 

  • Place your plants in different locations to get an idea of where they will offer up optimal coverage. 
  • Use a ladder to figure out how high you want the hedges to be to properly screen your property. 
  • Figure out the rows and spacing you will need for adequate coverage. 
  • Prevent root crowding by placing your plants at least 12” to 24” apart. 

Taking a little time to pick the right plants and the best location for your hedges now can save you a ton of headaches and effort later. 

Do you want an outdoor privacy solution without the fuss and bother that comes with all those other fencing options out there? Choosing our cedar hedges is the smart and natural choice you, your family, and your property deserves. 

For beautiful, affordable, and long-lasting privacy fencing in BC, visit Fraser Valley Cedars today! 

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