Thinking about planting some cedar trees around your home? Get ready for years of beauty and improved feelings of relaxation and well-being. But there are a lot more to trees than just the added aesthetic appeal and extra shade they bring to your property.  Trees offer up a host of environmental benefits that might surprise you. In case you needed any more reasons to plant cedar trees in Seattle, here are the top ways they benefit the environment. 

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Cedar Trees in Seattle

Cedar Trees absorb CO2

Cedar trees in Seattle play a major role in reducing the greenhouse effect. They not only absorb CO2 from the atmosphere, but also give us oxygen in return. Believe it or not, just one mature tree can soak up about 48 pounds (28 kg) of carbon dioxide each year. And if that wasn’t enough, trees trap other harmful pollutants like nitrogen oxide, ammonia, and sulfur dioxide.   

Trees lower the demand for energy 

Having cedar trees on your property is a great way to reduce energy demand all year long. The shade generated by trees will help you cut down on air conditioning use during the summer months. Slowing chilly winter winds, cedars act as windbreakers that can also help keep your home warm in the cold season, saving you a bundle on heating expenses.   

Cedar Trees reduce water pollution 

Trees are nature’s filters. They catch the rainfall, removing pollutants, and allowing water to seep into the soil. Without trees, dangerous stormwater is free to flow, polluting waterways and oceans. 

Cedar Trees prevent soil erosion 

Fertile soil is key to our survival. But floods can wear away soil, making it unfit for cultivation. Thankfully, trees play a big part in stopping soil erosion. Because of their extensive root systems, trees help keep the soil in place, reducing surface runoff from stormwater and heavy downpours.  

Cedar Trees provide shelter and food for wildlife

Trees support biodiversity for countless animals. This vital habitat provides food, refuge, and shelter for a wide variety of wildlife and insects. Planting cedar trees in Seattle will provide much needed homes for many species. 

Whether its trapping pollutants, saving the water, stopping soil erosion, or offering up shelter to wildlife, cedar trees in Seattle are essential to a healthy environment. 

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