Thinking about purchasing some cedar trees for your Kamloops property? This splendid conifer makes a trouble-free, beautiful, and hardy addition to any landscape. Sure, cedars are easy to maintain, but you will still need to give them a little TLC to ensure they stay healthy and happy for many years to come.


Cedars will easily grow and flourish in any type of soil, but they prefer moist, rich organic soil. Plant seedlings 5 feet (1.52 m) apart from one another to allow ample room. Also, try to plant your cedar trees in fall to promote proper root development.


Kamloops is British Columbia’s second sunniest place in the province, making for some hot and dry summers. The good news is that cedar trees can handle the heat. But even though these tough trees can go long periods without taking a drink, you will still want to water them weekly during the dry months.


When it comes to sun and shade, too much of a good thing can harm your cedar trees. An overabundance of sunlight or shade can compromise tree growth. So, when you are planning out an area to plant your cedars, place them in a location that receives about six hours of sun, daily.


Weeds can wreak havoc on young cedars, stealing nutrients and water. Make sure to pull out weeds whenever they crop up. Not a fan of weeding? Landscaping fabric provides a safe, effective weed barrier solution, preventing weed seeds from germinating and destroying cedar saplings, without you having to spend your summer on your hands and knees pulling weeds.


Cedar trees are easy to care for. You may only need to fertilize them once every three years with an all-around shrub and tree fertilizer. If you are not sure of the quality of your soil, you might want to do a soil assessment. The test will be able to demonstrate which nutrients are missing. You can pick up a soil test kit at your local nursery, home and garden store, or the cedar tree farm where you got your trees.

Taking care of your cedar trees takes minimal energy, cost, and time. With a little effort and some tree care tips, you will be able to have healthy and robust cedars for generations.

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