Your home is your castle. But unlike the dwellings of yore, your property may lack the isolation or high walls (or moat) to give you the peace you crave. Whether it is the rush-hour traffic, unsightly views, lookie-loos, or noisy neighbours, maybe you are looking to up that privacy fence factor.

Choosing the right fencing option for your property can be a challenge. Wander down the fence aisle at your local hardware store and you are bound to see a plethora of possibilities, from wood and metal to composite and vinyl.

With so many choices at your fingertips, you will want to pick the best one that fits your needs and your budget. While you are mulling over that long list of privacy fencing potentials, have you considered a more natural option? Our privacy cedar trees Surrey solution just might be the answer you have been searching for.

What are the Benefits of Privacy Cedar Trees or using Cedar Fencing in Surrey?

Like traditional fences (only better), privacy trees offer up a full cluster of advantages. The fantastic fencing options block unwanted views, buffer noise, create a traffic barrier, increase security, and boost proper value.

What’s more, privacy cedar tree fences are eco-friendly. With these natural fencing options, you won’t be wasting precious resources installing processed materials. That will go a long way to preserving the landfills and creating a more sustainable future.

Think all cedar trees fences are the same? Think again. When it comes to versatility, these trees can’t be beat. There are a wide range of hardy, great looking cedars to choose from. Select from a huge assortment of tree fencing options, including the Emerald Green Arborvitae, the Excelsa Cedar, and the Brandon Cedar varieties.

Do Privacy Cedar Trees Last?

Yes, and much longer than traditional options. The elements can wreak havoc on fences across Surrey. UV rays and heat can cause fence materials to warp, dry, and crack—and that’s just in the summertime. Rain and snow in the colder months can rot your fence and produce major mold issues. Before you know it, you will be shelling out for repair and replacement costs.

Unlike conventional fencing, cedar tree barriers last for centuries. And if you are not a big fan of landscaping duties, you are in luck. Cedars keep their thick foliage all year long, meaning you can enjoy all the advantages of a fence without wasting time or energy on extra yard maintenance.

If you are planning on adding a privacy fence to your Surrey property, cedar trees make sound, affordable, and beautiful choices.

Are Cedar Trees Good For Privacy?

Cedar trees are a great option if you’re looking for more privacy at your home. A cedar tree will block out most of the light from your home, which is why this type of tree is used in many privacy fences.

Cedar trees are also good for privacy because they grow slowly and their branches stay close to the tree. Their roots are not invasive, so they are less likely to have any effect on your property line. They are also very dense so you will have to jump up high onto them if you want to see over it. These trees won’t offer much shade for your property, but if privacy is what you’re looking for then cedar trees could be perfect for your needs.

To give your property more privacy consider cedar trees because they will grow slowly and stay out of your way. They also won’t shade or take away from your lawn or garden, but will instead provide you with the privacy that you need. If you want to go the extra mile, plant trees around your garden for added privacy.

When planting a tree, be sure to take into consideration where this tree should be placed. You don’t want it to take away from any view that would be perfect for viewing wildlife or other natural wonders so keep this in mind when choosing where to plant it.

How Do You Plant Cedar Trees for Privacy?

Cedar trees are an excellent choice for privacy. They produce a long, dense, and dark canopy of branches that provide shade to the ground below. However, if you plant them too close together, they will not produce enough air flow between them and this can cause poor growth or the death of the individual plants.

Here is what you should know about planting cedar trees for privacy:

  • Cedar trees need a lot of space from each other when they are young because as they grow up they start to intertwine.
  • You can plant either your cedar trees so they are all at the same height, or you can plant them so they are spaced out.
  • When spacing your cedar trees it is important to space them out evenly; if one of the trees is taller than another it will create gaps in the shade that will cause the shorter tree to wilt behind it.
  • The spacing measurements for many ornamental cedars are based on their height, not their width. So you will need to count how many inches high each tree is; this guideline will give you a general idea of how far apart to space your trees.

You should also know that cedar trees are not all the same size. Some will grow faster than others; if they are planted too close together they can crowd each other out and kill themselves. It is important to keep an eye on all of your plants as they grow. If one is out growing the rest, you can plant it somewhere else or cut off some of its branches to let the others catch up.

It’s natural for plants to have different growth rates, so take care of your plants by trimming them back when necessary so they do not overshadow their neighbors. This will allow your cedar trees to grow tall with a full canopy covering your entire backyard.

Looking for a healthy, natural, and eye-catching alternative to traditional fencing, contact Fraser Valley Cedars.