Privacy, curb appeal, and noise buffering benefits—we all know the amazing advantages of adding cedars to our landscapes. But did you also know that this terrific tree has natural pest-punishing powers? It’s true! Cedars do a whole lot more than provide shade and beauty to your property, they also help keep creepy crawlies at bay.

Searching for ways to prevent insects from taking over your property? Read on to learn the reasons why cedar is nature’s answer to pest control.

Save your sweaters with cedar trees

Originating way back to ancient Egypt, people then were already aware of the insect-repelling properties of cedarwood. Today, we are using cedar wood to get rid of one of sweaters’ worst enemies—the moth. While these silvery beige insects are harmless to humans, they can make short work of your favourite fall fashion staples, leaving behind a holey mess.

And the carnage doesn’t end with sweaters. Moths are notorious for ravaging coats, comforters, pillows, carpets, curtains, and a slew of other items, especially those made of natural fibres.

If moths have invaded your home, you will have your hands full trying to get rid of them. Insecticides are pretty much useless against these Clothes-munching monsters, so you will need a little help from Mother Nature.

That’s were the mighty cedar comes in. This tree is a proven deterrent to moths, staving off these pesky insects from ruining your wardrobe. The secret to the cedar’s ability to repel moths is its phenols—the aromatic hydrocarbons which give cedars its fantastically fragrant scent. This aroma comes from the oil found in the wood.


clothes wardrobe cedar tree

Cedar trees fend off a host of critters

Having cedar trees grace your yard is an effective way to keep moths at bay, to be sure. But cedars also fend off a variety of other pesky pests! The smell of cedar repels ants, termites, mosquitos, cockroaches, fleas, and ticks. You can add rodents to that list, too. Truth be told, the aromatic hydrocarbons in cedars are very toxic to rats and mice, capable of damaging rodent respiratory tracts and livers.

There’s no doubt about it—cedar trees make lovely additions to any landscape. But don’t forget, these hardy trees are touted as effective pest control plants, too! If you are looking to win the war on bugs and rodents, adding cedar trees to your property will help you enjoy a greater pest-free yard. You can even extract the cedar oil from the leaves and bark to make your very own natural insect repellant.

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