There is no right or wrong place to plant your cedars as hedges if you own a home in Vancouver. For the most part, people use them as an all-natural, or green, alternative to a fence or brick wall. Cedar hedging is a great and less expensive way to get instant privacy so it’s easy to see why so many people have them installed on their Vancouver properties.

When you are planting cedar hedges with the intention of using them for privacy it’s a good idea to let your neighbours know out of courtesy, especially if the only barrier between your yard and theirs are the cedars. Otherwise, they will have to live with them as well. Also, make sure you know exactly where your property ends and theirs starts . . .  the last thing you want is a complaint about planting over your property line (while they were away). Also keeping in mind city right of ways and other Fraser Valley or Vancouver bylaws restricting where you can plant and how high.

Cedars also look great as a “stand alone” (feature) tree or as part of a garden (just make sure the greenery you plant around your cedar gets sufficient light). Make sure you are planting the cedars somewhere where they also will get enough sunlight as well as a sufficient amount of natural rainwater.

If you have more questions about installing cedar hedges on your Vancouver home property, either email us or call Brandon at 778.549.1676 to get your questions answered.