Both field-grown and potted tree production have been around for decades. They are both equally capable methods of producing high quality landscape trees.

Field-grown trees, at times, receive negative publicity for having low survival rates and being of supposedly poor quality in general. This is not necessarily true. It’s safe to say that poor quality trees can be produced from either production method. The point is to only buy from growers who produce quality.

Field-grown root balls tend to be heavier, yet provide a compatible soil type as well as more soil volume for water storage. Given that their roots aren’t contained, they have more soil room in which to grow which produces a healthier, fuller tree.

However, potted trees can extend the planting season beyond that of field-grown trees (into the summer) and, with care, can be planted year-round. There is no transplant shock associated with this method as roots are contained and are never cut.

If you are debating on whether to purchase a field-grown tree or a potted tree, contact us – we’d be happy to discuss your situation with you!