LANDSCAPE FABRIC is a textile material used to control weeds by inhibiting their exposure to sunlight.

The landscape fabric is normally placed around desirable plants and covers areas where other plant growth is unwanted.

The fabric itself can be made from synthetic, organic materials, or sometimes even from recycled sources.


Size: 300'L x 8'W and 300’L x 15’W
Strength: medium and heavy duty / Thickness: 0.28mm.

*Material: polypropylene woven fabric   *Weight: 105g/m2 and 120g/m2   *Water Flow: 8 gpm/sf
*Ultraviolet resistance – 8% after 3000 hours   *Pricing: please contact us for pricing.


Used for a variety of purposes in the garden with the aim of suppressing weeds but allowing water to be absorbed.                                                                                                                                                                                              Landscape Fabric is often used in conjunction with bark or gravel to produce an attractive finish to your garden.

Specific uses include the following…

  • Covering a flower bed prior to sowing.
  • Stops weeds & pebbles from coming up and helps prevent sand from washing into the soil.
  • To prevent potted plant roots from penetrating into the soil.
  • Great for underlay in kids' sand pits.
  • Underlay beneath a garden path, patio, or gravel driveway.
  • Used as an underlay for sand bunkers in golf courses.
  • Can be used as a barrier fence (effective -but unsightly.)


Product Fraser Valley Cedars Landscape Fabric

roll Fraser Valley Cedars Landscape Fabric



  • Virtually maintenance-free.
  • Provides a chemical-free means of controlling weeds.
  • Landscape Fabric is strong and durable, yet flexible and easy to cut and install.
  • Comes with a pre-marked grid format for easy and accurate cutting.
  • Blocks light and weeds while conserving moisture, -allowing air, water, and nutrients through to the roots, and letting the soil breathe.
Landscape Fabric