When it comes to keeping garden and flower beds looking their best, homeowners all over Kelowna simply love landscaping hacks. Awesome for boosting filtration, retaining moisture, and stabilising decking and gravel paths, landscape fabric is also a must havefor any landscaper looking to win the war on weeds.  

If you’re sick and tired of constantly having to rip out weeds from your garden and flower beds, it might be time to run out and pick up this wonderful weed barrier tool. And when you do, here are some handy tips on how to install landscape fabric in Kelowna. 

Remove weeds first

Before you put down landscape fabric in your garden, you’ll need to do a little prep work first. For landscape fabric to work its best, your garden or flower bed area needs to be weed-free. So, if you spot any pesky weeds sprouting, make sure to pull them out of the soil. 

Add amendments 

Now it’s time to add amendments to your soil. Add compost or any other soil additives you’ll need to ensure optimal plant growth. Remember, once you have put the landscape fabric in place, you won’t be to get to the soil until you remove the weed barrier. So, use this time wisely to put amendments into the soil. 

Smooth out soil 

When you’re done adding the compost, you’ll want to smooth out the soil. Using a tiller, fork, or rake to turn the soil, make sure to break up any large clumps. Also, remove any rocks, twigs, and other debris before placing down the landscape fabric. 

Lay out the landscape fabric

After the prep work, you can lay out the landscape fabric. Begin by unrolling the fabric and placing it over your garden or flower bed. Once you’ve figured out how many sheets you’ll need, cut the landscape fabric and place it into the area. 

Secure the fabric 

Once the landscape fabric is in the proper place, you’ll need to secure it—including the overlaps. This is where garden pins/staples are going to come in handy. Approximately every 1 inch, pin the down the fabric along the edges. Plus, feel free to pin down any other loose areas you’ve noticed to prevent flapping. 

When you’re done securing the landscape fabric, add 1 inch of mulch or small stones—and voila, you’re ready to put in your plants. 

Looking to add vibrant life to your plants and flowers while shaving countless hours of garden maintenance? Covering your garden or flowerbed with landscape fabric will give you the garden you’ve always wanted without all the work. 

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