When it comes to keeping your cedars in tip-top condition, regular hedge maintenance is a must. Remember, a landscaper is only as good as the tools they use. So, if you are new to the gardening scene, you are going to need the proper pruning gear.

Regular pruning will not only remove dead branches and leaves, but also help shape your cedars, ensuring your hedges are a good fit for your space, healthy, and looking great. Read on to learn about the best hedge trimming tools you will need to get the job done right.

Hedge shears

When you want to get to the lower areas of your cedar hedges in Burnaby, hedge shears are great choices. These helpful tools are used to trim hedges and deliver a clean finishing.

Electric hedge trimmers

Looking for some extra power to take on those thick hedges? Electric hedge trimmers will make short work of your trimming duties. Easy to operate, these tools can be used on all kinds of foliage.

Pruning shears

Shears are must-haves for pruning all kinds of foliage, including shrubs, flowers, vines, and other growth. These hand-held tools come in three varieties—anvil, bypass, and ratchet.

The bypass garden pruners are the most popular, making nice clean cuts using two curved blades like scissors.

As the name suggests, anvil shears have a blade that closes against and anvil on the lower jar. When the cut is not a priority, these pruners are great options to crush and remove dead foliage.

Ratchet pruners do the same job as anvil pruners, but they are easier to use. So, if you have trouble holding or cutting with pruners due to arthritis or carpel tunnel, ratchet pruners are the perfect solutions.

Pruning poles

If you have tall hedges, pruning poles will help you trim those high, hard-to-reach areas. Many pruning poles can reach over 8 ft (2.44 m), reducing the need for a ladder in many instances.

Tools to work up high

Do you have tall hedges? If you are handling the landscaping duties yourself, you will have to reach the top of your cedars to properly trim them. Foot stools, ladders or stepladders, and scaffolding will allow you to trim in higher areas.


When it comes time for hedge trimming, safety should always be your top priority. Whether you are using manual or electric tools or working on ladders, follow all safety protocols. Also, make sure to wear the right gear, including protective gloves, goggles, and shoes, as well as noise-canceling headphones when using loud machinery.

With the right tools and some safety precautions, you can keep your cedars healthy and happy all year long.

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