The cedars we grow and plant in our customers’ yards are the Eastern White Cedar (Emeralds and Pyramidalis) and Western Red Cedar (Green Giant and Excelsia). These plants are a wonderful choice for anyone who is looking to add a fresh, lush, green addition to their yard and provide the privacy they desire. Emerald/Pyamidalis are more suited to small sized lots or in tighter spaces where there isn’t as much room for growth. Western Red Cedars more suited more for areas where cedar trees can grow unrestricted and there is substantially more area to be covered (ie. farm properties and acreage). Western Red varieties will grow much faster and larger than Eastern White varieties and can be more cost effective for homeowners with a limited budget.

Either way you go, all our cedars will grow to be tall and full. With routine trimming you can keep your cedars as tall or wide as you wish. Keeping your plants well fertilized and watered which will ensure your cedars will stay healthy for years to come and provide a great privacy screen for you and your neighbour.