Summer is here! With the wet, dreary weather behind us, many people are already knee-deep in yard and garden projects, preparing for the sunny season ahead.

If you are looking for a way to make yard care easier, landscaping fabric is an all-purpose tool that can deliver beautiful, pristine property, without all the back-breaking work. Read on to learn about the handy uses of this weed barrier miracle.

Prevents the growth of unwanted weeds  

If you want to avoid having to constantly pull weeds from your garden this summer, landscaping fabric is a sturdy, long-lasting weed barrier that will help you win the war on weeds. Made of a non-woven, porous polypropylene material, landscape fabric stops weed seeds from getting into your soil and sprouting.

At Fraser Valley Cedars, we have quality landscaping fabric to help stop weeds from creeping onto your property. Our tough, durable weed barrier fabric is easy to install, successfully preventing weeds from spreading without the use of harmful chemicals.


Acts as a stabilizer  

Tired of topping up your gravel? Landscaping fabric can be used to increase load bearing capacity under patios and driveways. Over time, rocks, stones, and mulch can sink into the soil, causing sloping and unevenness.

Thanks to our fabric, you can finally put an end to lop-sided pavers, decking, and gravel paths. Simply place landscaping fabric under the gravel for a level, maintenance-free ground.  


Retains moisture in the soil

Summers get hot and dry in the Lower Mainland. The arid weather can lead to moisture loss, drying out flowers, plants, and lawns. If you are looking for a way to improve water retention and conservation in your soil, landscaping fabric can help.

When you need to beat the heat this summer, turn to Fraser Valley Cedars for an affordable, simple solution to moisture retention. Our fabric will not only allow water to easily enter the soil, but also prevents moisture from evaporating. Make the most of your water supply this summer with fabric.  

Summer is a great time to get outdoors and work on your landscape. If you want to make a major difference in the quality and care of your garden, patio, or driveway, reach out to Fraser Valley Cedars for all your fabric needs.

If you are looking for a reliable and quality place to buy landscaping fabric in Vancouver, drop by Fraser Valley Cedars today!

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