“What size cedar tree do you recommend for me?” It’s a great question—and one we hear often. We all want a stunning landscape filled with lush cedars. But choosing the right size tree for your property can be a headscratcher.

If you are looking to buy cedar trees for your property, the pros at Fraser Valley Cedars have put together some handy tips on how to pick the perfect one to fit your landscape and your lifestyle.

Consider the size of your landscape

One of the first things to consider when it comes to choosing the right tree size is your landscape. If the trees are too big, they can swallow up the scenery. Going with trees that are too small, however, won’t properly frame the landscape.

It’s always best to pick a tree that will give you the shade and the appeal you are looking for without blocking out all the sun.

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Prepare before you purchase

What you see is not always what you get. Remember, trees grow. So, when you buy saplings, make sure you know how big they will get when the trees mature. The Excelsa Cedar, for example, can reach heights of over 30 feet and grow as wide as 10-15 feet.

Knowing how big (or small, for that matter) a tree can grow before you buy it will save you a ton of headaches and hassles later.

Think about how you use your yard

Will children be playing in the yard? Do you have pets? Are you planning on using your yard for outdoor entertaining? You want to make the most of your landscape.

Taking the time to think about your existing space will help you determine the right size of cedar trees to use in your outdoor living space.

Contemplate your existing space

No matter how big or small your landscape may be, it is all going to come down to your existing space. Gardens, outdoor furniture, patios, decks and walkways—there’s a lot going on in the front and back yards. Pick the right size of trees that will complement what you already have, not over or underwhelm your décor.

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Not sure what size cedar tree is right for you? At Fraser Valley Cedars, we have the know-how and a wide range of sizes to turn your landscaping vision into a reality.

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