Are you looking to add value, privacy, security, and curb appeal to your home? Cedars make thick and attractive hedging, perfect for year-round beauty and functionality. Even though these versatile trees are low maintenance, you will want to give them some TLC from time to time. When you are asking yourself, “Where can I find cedar trees for sale?”, here are some handy tips on how to care for them.

cedar tree hedges for sale


Pick a prime location

For great looking, healthy cedar trees, it’s all about the location. If you want your cedars to grow properly and flourish, you will need to put some thought into where to plant them. As with all foliage, cedars need sun to thrive, so you will want to avoid placing them in areas with an overabundance of shade.

Finding a level area to plant your trees will also help prevent unwanted water drainage issues. Make sure to also plant your cedars far enough away from walkways and driveways to prevent your trees from encountering salt. It might be great for de-icing your property, but salt can seriously damage and even kill foliage.

Plant your cedar trees

When you are ready to plant your hedging, dig a trench measuring approximately 80 centimetres wide and 40 centimetres deep. Then, plant your cedars, keeping a distance of 75 centimetres between each tree.

Make sure the roots of your trees are adequately covered by soil to allow for proper nutrient absorption. When you’re finished filling in the trench, ensure that the soil is tightly packed around the base of your cedars.

Fertilize your trees

For optimal growing results, you will want to make sure you have moist, nutrient-rich soil for your new plants. So, once your cedars are properly planted, it is time to fertilize them. Using a high-nitrogen, water-soluble fertilizer, fertilize your trees three times a year to give your cedars dense, green growth.

Water cedars

Maintaining proper soil moisture is a must for any cedars. When the weather is arid and hot and rain is scarce, you will need to step up your watering routine. Water your trees roughly once a week until the soil is adequately saturated but not soaked. This will help to prevent browning during the summer months.

Prune your cedar trees

When it comes to beautiful, healthy cedars, you will need to prune them. During the first year, you won’t need to trim your plants. But as they mature, you will want to prune your cedars, starting in the spring and continuing throughout the summer.

Attractive and virtually trouble-free, cedar trees are gorgeous additions to your home, adding generations of natural beauty and privacy to any property.

For tips on how to care for your cedars, Fraser Valley Cedars is here to answer all your questions.

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