You love a lush, green landscape and don’t mind putting in the effort to get it that way. But when the work is done, it’s done—that is until the next crop of weeds take root in your lawns and gardens.

Weeds can wreak havoc on your property, causing countless hours of back-breaking maintenance. If you are tired of wrestling with weeds, here are some top reasons why you should buy landscaping fabric in Vancouver.

The problem with weeds

No one likes weeding, but it must be done. These pesky plants cause a host of never-ending problems, forcing Vancouver homeowners everywhere to constantly dig out weeds.

For starters, weeds can make handy homes for a host of unwelcomed pests—insects that can harm you and spread foliage-destroying diseases to other plants in your gardens and lawns. What’s more, weeds compete for space, light, nutrients, and water, compromising your gardens, shrubs, lawn, and flower beds.

There’s no doubt about it, winning the war on weeds is an uphill battle. But just because you can’t completely eradicate the problem doesn’t mean you can’t get the upper hand on weeds. The question is how can you maximize weed control while minimizing the time it takes to do it?  

Landscaping fabric to the rescue

Looking for a fast, affordable, and eco-friendly solution to weed control? Landscaping fabric is great for stopping unwanted weeds from sprouting up on your property—without the need of chemicals too!

This handy, all-purpose gardening fabric acts as a barrier that blocks weed seeds from mixing with the soil and germinating. Without weeds constantly sprouting up and robbing precious nutrients (and your time), you will be able to sit back and enjoy your garden instead of toiling away in it.

Almost like permanent mulch, landscaping fabric is made from high-quality, porous material that allows air and water in while keeping annoying weeds out.

Using landscaping fabric couldn’t be easier too. Simply cut the amount of fabric (or buy the fabric in precut lengths) you will need to cover the appropriate area. Then, cut slits in the fabric to accommodate for any existing plants. Finally, lay the fabric down and hold it in place with some fabric pins. Done!

The path to a weed-free garden is not as impossible as you might think. With landscaping fabric, you can enjoy a low-maintenance landscape and less time weed whacking this summer season.

If you are looking for a reliable and quality place to buy landscaping fabric in Vancouver, drop by Fraser Valley Cedars today!

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