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best landscaping fabric for weeds

We all want a beautiful yard. With landscape fabric, garden and lawn maintenance has never been easier.  Learn how to control weeds with landscaping fabric

Learn how to control weeds with landscape fabric

Transforming your yard from a weedy mess into a tidy and beautiful landscape can be a challenge—but it doesn’t have to be. Landscape fabric is your answer to effective, non-toxic root growth and weed prevention.

No one likes the never-ending battle of pulling weeds. But a garden overrun with them will not only create an eyesore, but also cause major damage to your vegetation. 

Invading weeds will compete with trees, plants, and grasses, robbing them of water, sunlight, and nutrients. Before weeds overtake your lawn or garden, take back control of your yard with landscape fabric.

Are you wondering what landscaping fabric is?

Landscape fabric is a textile material used to control weeds by inhibiting their exposure to sunlight. The landscape fabric is normally placed around desirable plants, covering areas where other plant growth is unwanted. The fabric itself can be made from synthetic or organic materials, sometimes from recycled sources.

Maintain an even driveway or pathway

best landscaping fabric for gardens

You already know that landscape fabric is great for controlling, preventing, and destroying weeds – but it is also used as a stabilizer for your driveway or pathway.

Landscape fabric can make a huge difference on the stability of your pavers, decking, and gravel paths. Today’s high-tech fabric provides a stabilizing layer under driveways or pathways, protecting them from frost heave, as well as preventing pavers from sinking too low into the subsoil. 

Retain and conserve moisture

landscaping fabric for gardens

Worried about what the hot, dry summer months will do to your garden?

Landscape fabric will not only let water though the soil, but also prevents it from evaporating, keeping your garden well-hydrated all summer long. 

And because landscape paper allows water to flow through, you’ll never have to worry about pooling water when it does rain.

Make the most of your water supply with landscape fabric. 

Keep your landscape looking good all year long

You’ve spent a lot of time creating a beautiful landscape. Don’t let invading weeds, the weather, and sinking pavers and aggregates ruin all your hard work. Keep your landscape healthy, tidy, and beautiful with our landscape fabric. 

Learn more about landscaping fabric for your garden or driveway

Weed Control Landscape Fabric – Uses

  • Used for a variety of purposes in the garden
  • Always with the aim of suppressing weeds but allowing water to soak away
  • Specific uses include the following…
  • Covering a flower bed prior to sowing
  • Underlay beneath a garden path or patio
  • For preventing potted plants implanting into the soil
  • Can sometimes also be used as barrier fence (effective but unsightly)
  • Often used in conjunction with bark or gravel to produce attractive finish
  • Customers have even used it as underlay for sand bunkers in golf courses
  • stops weeds & pebbles coming up, it helps prevent the sand washing into the soil
  • great for underlay in kids sand pits 

Weed Control Fabric – Advantages

  • It is strong and durable yet flexible, easy to cut and install
  • Comes with pre-marked grid format for easy & accurate cutting of the fabric
  • Blocks light and weeds and conserves moisture allowing air, water and nutrients through to plants roots while letting the soil breathe
  • Provides a chemical free means of controlling weeds
  • Virtually maintenance free

Landscaping fabric spec details:

  • Size: 300’W x 15’L
  • Strength: Heavy Duty
  • Thickness: .28mm
  • Material: Polypropylene Woven Fabric
  • Weight: 108g/m2
  • Water Flow: 489 liters/min/m2
  • Ultraviolet Resistance – >70% after 2500 hours
  • Pricing at $240 per roll
  • Custom sizes can be cut and are available upon request

Looking for landscape fabric near me? That’s easy, for quality, affordable landscape fabric, contact Fraser Valley Cedars today!