Cedar trees used for hedging grow naturally in wet climates and therefore require a substantial amount of moisture to keep them healthy. After the installation of your cedar trees, you should water regularly to ensure that the tree takes root in the ground (especially if you live in a drier climate or have them installed during the hot summer months).
A simple drizzle from a watering will not be sufficient moisture for your trees. We recommend that you soak the base of your cedars with enough water to penetrate down to the root (let your hose sit on the base of the tree for a few minutes). During the dryer seasons, your cedars should be watered upwards of 4x per week to keep them healthy.
Fertilizer can be used after the initial planting of your cedars. A transplant fertilizer will help reduce “transplant shock” and help your cedar trees take root faster. Although many don’t do this, you can also fertilize your cedar trees throughout May, June and July, as well as plant new soil at the base of your cedar each spring. These useful tips will help ensure the life of your cedars and keep them looking healthy, full and of course green!
If you have questions about having cedars installed at your home, please don’t hesitate to call!