Did you know that a simple DIY home improvement task can change the quality of your life?  Perhaps it will enhance your senses, calm your mind, or complete a nagging job on your to-do list that you have not had a chance to complete.

Exterior yard improvement

Are the neighbours starting to question what the heck is going on in your yard with all the extra equipment or small vehicles that you own?  Maybe you are hearing about increased thefts in your area and you have been wondering about secure options to store your outdoor equipment and vehicles in a more secure environment. Mobile storage units are an effective way to improve the look of your yard by storing away light recreational vehicles , gardening equipment, or children’s toys.  By simply renting a mobile storage container for seasonal use or if you are looking for a secure permanent option then consider buying a used shipping container to secure your valuables on a permanent basis.

Peace of mind through curb appeal

A real estate agent in Abbotsford, Kristy Dusdal, offered a valuable simple DIY home improvement idea that adds curb appeal quickly. DIY landscaping efforts can quickly improve the look and feel of your property.  Hanging basket, planting flowers, or a simple DIY landscaping project with cedar hedge fencing can hide a broken fence or provide needed privacy from a neighbour.  Cedar hedging can effectively change your current view from something unpleasing to a serene ambiance and beautiful view to look at. Trees, shrubs, and flower basins provide a polished and appealing look to your property that all who come to visit can enjoy.

Preventative tasks can leave your feeling like your property is well cared for

The simple DIY task of clearing out your gutters and maintaining proper water flow away from your house will reduce the risks of water damage in your home and unsafe pooling of water around your foundation and roof. Repairing gutters on your roof will help to eliminate blocked waterways that can cause damage to your roof with pooling water in areas of your roof that are not meant to hold pools of water. This simple task will help to improve the health of your roof, improve your roof’s longevity and hopefully provide your with piece of mind protecting your property the best you can.

Repairing gutters allow water to move away from the foundation of your home and deter flooding in your basement or your homes foundation’s support. Leading water away from your home will help to reduce future water damage problems in your home. If you find cracked shingles on your roof while you are cleaning out your gutter, contact Landmark Roofing to learn more about the health of your roof.

View some simple cedar hedging ideas below that can really improve the appeal of your home.

cedar hedging ideas

cedar hedges for privacy

cedar trees designs